Lisbon Airport Arrivals

Lisbon Airport arrivals today – live flight information. Find the latest status information for flights arriving at Lisbon International Airport LIS. This information is automatically updated.

London (LTN)U2 2463easyJet21:05 PMScheduled
Funchal (FNC)TP 1692TAP Portugal21:05 PMScheduled
Beauvais (BVA)FR 1084Ryanair20:55 PMScheduled
Dublin (DUB)FR 7390Ryanair20:50 PMScheduled
Casablanca (CMN)AT 982Royal Air Maroc20:45 PMScheduled
Ponta Delgada (PDL)S4 2126SATA International20:40 PMScheduled
Copenhagen (CPH)TP 755TAP Portugal20:35 PMScheduled
Luanda (LAD)DT 652TAAG Angola Airlines20:35 PMScheduled
Barcelona (BCN)VY 8462Vueling Airlines20:35 PMScheduled
Amilcar Cabral (SID)QS 2021Travel Service20:34 PMScheduled
Madrid (MAD)TP 1019TAP Portugal20:30 PMScheduled
Lyon (LYS)TP 473TAP Portugal20:30 PMScheduled
Edinburgh (EDI)FR 6461Ryanair20:25 PMScheduled
Bissau (OXB)TP 1478TAP Portugal20:20 PMScheduled
Amsterdam (AMS)TP 671TAP Portugal20:20 PMScheduled
London (LGW)U2 8517easyJet20:15 PMScheduled
Marrakech (RAK)TP 1455TAP Portugal20:15 PMScheduled
Bologna (BLQ) 79620:10 PMScheduled
Belgrade (BEG)W6 4127Wizz Air20:10 PMScheduled
Cologne (CGN)FR 9840Ryanair20:05 PMScheduled
Geneva (GVA)TP 943TAP Portugal20:00 PMScheduled
Zurich (ZRH)TP 933TAP Portugal20:00 PMScheduled
Hamburg (HAM)TP 563TAP Portugal20:00 PMScheduled
Berlin (BER)TP 533TAP Portugal20:00 PMScheduled
Marseille (MRS)TP 403TAP Portugal20:00 PMScheduled
Maputo (MPM)TM 704Linhas A20:00 PMScheduled
Nice (NCE)TP 483TAP Portugal19:50 PMScheduled
Duesseldorf (DUS)TP 543TAP Portugal19:45 PMScheduled
Rome (FCO)TP 835TAP Portugal19:45 PMScheduled
Dubai (DXB)EK 193Emirates19:40 PMScheduled
Luxemburg (LUX)TP 693TAP Portugal19:35 PMScheduled
Milano (MXP)TP 825TAP Portugal19:30 PMScheduled
Toulouse (TLS)TP 493TAP Portugal19:30 PMScheduled
Bergamo (BGY)FR 2087Ryanair19:25 PMScheduled
Bristol (BRS)U2 6712easyJet19:20 PMScheduled
Bilbao (BIO)TP 1065TAP Portugal19:15 PMScheduled
Madrid (MAD)UX 1157Air Europa19:15 PMScheduled
Valencia (VLC)TP 1095TAP Portugal19:15 PMScheduled
Maputo (MPM)YU EuroAtlantic Airways19:12 PMScheduled
London (STN)FR 1886Ryanair19:10 PMScheduled
London (LGW)TP 1337TAP Portugal19:10 PMScheduled
Brussels (BRU)SN 3819Brussels Airlines19:00 PMScheduled
Vienna (VIE)FR 4167Ryanair19:00 PMScheduled
Faro (FAO)TP 1906TAP Portugal19:00 PMScheduled
Lyon (LYS)U2 6734easyJet18:50 PMScheduled
Barcelona (BCN)TP 1035TAP Portugal18:50 PMScheduled
Barcelona (BCN)VY 8994Vueling Airlines18:45 PMScheduled
Boa Vista (BVC)TP 1568TAP Portugal18:40 PMScheduled
Amsterdam (AMS)KL 1585KLM Royal Dutch Airlines18:40 PMScheduled
Funchal (FNC)TP 1690TAP Portugal18:35 PMScheduled
Sao Vicente Island (VXE)TP 1558TAP Portugal18:30 PM18:10 PM (E)En Route
Casablanca (CMN)TP 1439TAP Portugal18:30 PMScheduled
Ponta Delgada (PDL)S4 124SATA International18:30 PMScheduled
Amsterdam (AMS)HV 5955Transavia Holland18:30 PMScheduled
Praia, Santiago Island (RAI)TP 1542TAP Portugal18:25 PM18:16 PM (E)En Route
Paris (ORY)HV 7646Transavia Holland18:25 PMScheduled
Agadir (AGA)U2 7686easyJet18:25 PMScheduled
Paris (ORY)VY 1981Vueling Airlines18:25 PMScheduled
Maputo (MPM)TP 282TAP Portugal18:25 PM18:33 PM (E)En Route
Madrid (MAD)TP 1017TAP Portugal18:15 PMScheduled
Geneva (GVA)U2 7644easyJet18:15 PMScheduled
Paris (ORY)TP 435TAP Portugal18:10 PMScheduled
London (LHR)BA 502British Airways18:05 PMScheduled
Brussels (BRU)TP 643TAP Portugal18:00 PMCancelled
Barcelona (BCN)FR 3078Ryanair18:00 PMScheduled
Paris (CDG)U2 4593easyJet17:55 PMScheduled
Marseille (MRS)FR 2078Ryanair17:55 PMScheduled
Paris (CDG)AF 1194Air France17:55 PMScheduled
Rotterdam (RTM)HV 5243Transavia Holland17:50 PMScheduled
Funchal (FNC)U2 7626easyJet17:50 PMScheduled
Dublin (DUB)FR 7328Ryanair17:40 PMScheduled
Funchal (FNC)FR 384Ryanair17:35 PMScheduled
Stockholm (ARN)TP 781TAP Portugal17:30 PM17:32 PM (E)En Route
Porto (OPO)TP 1929TAP Portugal17:20 PMScheduled
Manchester (MAN)FR 2252Ryanair17:20 PMScheduled
Cologne (CGN)EW 602Eurowings17:15 PMScheduled
Lajes (terceira Island) (TER)TP 1824TAP Portugal17:05 PMScheduled
Amsterdam (AMS)VY 8435Vueling Airlines17:05 PM17:08 PM (E)En Route
London (STN)FR 1884Ryanair17:00 PMScheduled
Paris (ORY)HV 7658Transavia Holland17:00 PMScheduled
Rome (FCO)FR 9907Ryanair16:50 PM17:17 PM (E)Scheduled
Milano (MXP)U2 7670easyJet16:50 PMScheduled
Funchal (FNC)WT 129Swiftair16:45 PMScheduled
Geneva (GVA)LX 2092Swiss International Air Lines16:45 PMScheduled
Madrid (MAD)TP 1015TAP Portugal16:40 PMScheduled
London (LHR)TP 1359TAP Portugal16:30 PM16:30 PM (E)En Route
Hamburg (HAM)TP 561TAP Portugal16:30 PM17:06 PM (E)Scheduled
Oslo (OSL)TP 763TAP Portugal16:25 PM16:10 PM (E)En Route
Warsaw (WAW)G2T 1205Gestion Aerea Ajecutiva16:20 PM17:04 PM (E)Scheduled
Recife (REC)TP 16TAP Portugal16:20 PM16:04 PM (E)En Route
Prague (PRG)TP 1241TAP Portugal16:15 PM17:10 PM (E)Scheduled
Sao Paulo (GRU)TP 84TAP Portugal16:15 PM15:47 PM (E)En Route
Vienna (VIE)TP 1271TAP Portugal16:15 PM16:42 PM (E)Scheduled
Paris (ORY)TP 433TAP Portugal16:15 PM16:40 PM (E)Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN)TP 1033TAP Portugal16:05 PM15:53 PM (E)En Route
Rome (FCO)TP 833TAP Portugal16:05 PM16:34 PM (E)Scheduled
Madrid (MAD)IB 3102Iberia Airlines16:05 PMScheduled
Hamburg (HAM)EW 7602Eurowings16:00 PM16:25 PM (E)Scheduled
Ibiza (IBZ)TP 1143TAP Portugal16:00 PMScheduled
Amsterdam (AMS)TP 669TAP Portugal16:00 PM16:13 PM (E)En Route
Munich (MUC)TP 553TAP Portugal15:55 PM17:00 PM (E)Scheduled
Malaga (AGP)TP 1137TAP Portugal15:45 PMScheduled
Helsinki (HEL)AY 1739Finnair15:40 PM17:17 PM (E)Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH)TP 753TAP Portugal15:40 PM15:51 PM (E)En Route
Frankfurt (FRA)TP 571TAP Portugal15:40 PM16:49 PM (E)Scheduled
London (LHR)BA 518British Airways15:35 PM16:32 PM (E)Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA)LH 1168Lufthansa15:30 PM16:04 PM (E)Scheduled
Riga (RIX)BT 675Air Baltic15:30 PM15:28 PM (E)En Route
Lyon (LYS)U2 4425easyJet15:25 PM15:38 PM (E)En Route
Faro (FAO)TP 1904TAP Portugal15:25 PMScheduled
Faro (FAO)EK 4771Emirates15:25 PMScheduled
Faro (FAO)BT 5252Air Baltic15:25 PMScheduled
Faro (FAO)B6 6703JetBlue Airways15:25 PMScheduled
Faro (FAO)AD 7476Azul15:25 PMScheduled
Istanbul (IST)TK 1759Turkish Airlines15:20 PM15:51 PM (E)Scheduled
Istanbul (IST)TP 6453TAP Portugal15:20 PM15:51 PM (E)Scheduled
Istanbul (IST)SQ 6259Singapore Airlines15:20 PM15:51 PM (E)Scheduled
Istanbul (IST)MH 4327Malaysia Airlines15:20 PM15:51 PM (E)Scheduled
Istanbul (IST)6E 4191IndiGo Airlines15:20 PM15:51 PM (E)Scheduled
Tenerife (TFS)EY 2756Etihad Airways15:15 PM15:09 PM (E)En Route
Madrid (MAD)RO 9445Tarom15:15 PM15:30 PM (E)En Route
Tenerife (TFS)EK 4891Emirates15:15 PM15:09 PM (E)En Route
Tenerife (TFS)AD 7483Azul15:15 PM15:09 PM (E)En Route
Tenerife (TFS)TP 1127TAP Portugal15:15 PM15:09 PM (E)En Route
Tenerife (TFS)S4 8245SATA International15:15 PM15:09 PM (E)En Route
London (LTN)U2 2461easyJet15:15 PM15:02 PM (E)En Route
Madrid (MAD)AD 7856Azul15:15 PM15:30 PM (E)En Route
Madrid (MAD)AM 6944AeroMéxico15:15 PM15:30 PM (E)En Route
Madrid (MAD)AZ 2411Alitalia15:15 PM15:30 PM (E)En Route
Madrid (MAD)UX 1155Air Europa15:15 PM15:30 PM (E)En Route
Zurich (ZRH)TP 931TAP Portugal15:10 PM16:08 PM (E)Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH)TG 7315Thai Airways International15:10 PM16:08 PM (E)Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH)S4 8781SATA International15:10 PM16:08 PM (E)Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH)OU 5720Croatia Airlines15:10 PM16:08 PM (E)Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH)OS 8141Austrian Airlines15:10 PM16:08 PM (E)Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH)LX 4580Swiss International Air Lines15:10 PM16:08 PM (E)Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH)AY 6777Finnair15:10 PM16:08 PM (E)Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH)AD 7258Azul15:10 PM16:08 PM (E)Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH)AC 2695Air Canada15:10 PM16:08 PM (E)Scheduled
Toulouse (TLS)FR 1799Ryanair15:00 PMScheduled
Lyon (LYS)S4 8316SATA International15:00 PM14:46 PM (E)En Route
Lyon (LYS)TP 471TAP Portugal15:00 PM14:46 PM (E)En Route
Bologna (BLQ)TP 860TAP Portugal15:00 PM16:49 PM (E)Scheduled
Paris (CDG)DL 8750Delta Air Lines14:50 PM14:45 PM (E)En Route
Paris (CDG)EY 5952Etihad Airways14:50 PM14:45 PM (E)En Route
Paris (CDG)G3 5124Gol Transportes Aéreos14:50 PM14:45 PM (E)En Route
Paris (CDG)KQ 3926Kenya Airways14:50 PM14:45 PM (E)En Route
Paris (CDG)S4 7309SATA International14:50 PM14:45 PM (E)En Route
Paris (CDG)SQ 1890Singapore Airlines14:50 PM14:45 PM (E)En Route
Paris (CDG)AF 1624Air France14:50 PM14:45 PM (E)En Route
Naples (NAP)TP 883TAP Portugal14:50 PM16:00 PM (E)Scheduled
Praia, Santiago Island (RAI)X1 506814:50 PM15:04 PM (E)En Route
Praia, Santiago Island (RAI)VR 606TACV14:50 PM15:04 PM (E)En Route
Geneva (GVA)U2 1461easyJet14:40 PM14:42 PM (E)En Route
Zurich (ZRH)LX 2084Swiss International Air Lines14:40 PM14:55 PM (E)En Route
Zurich (ZRH)TP 6762TAP Portugal14:40 PM14:55 PM (E)En Route
Amsterdam (AMS)KQ 1695Kenya Airways14:35 PM14:29 PMLanded / Taxiing
Amsterdam (AMS)RO 9307Tarom14:35 PM14:29 PMLanded / Taxiing
Geneva (GVA)AC 2664Air Canada14:35 PM14:36 PMLanded / Taxiing
Amsterdam (AMS)DL 9576Delta Air Lines14:35 PM14:29 PMLanded / Taxiing
Amsterdam (AMS)AM 6402AeroMéxico14:35 PM14:29 PMLanded / Taxiing
Amsterdam (AMS)KL 1583KLM Royal Dutch Airlines14:35 PM14:29 PMLanded / Taxiing
Geneva (GVA)AD 7338Azul14:35 PM14:36 PMLanded / Taxiing
Geneva (GVA)AY 6789Finnair14:35 PM14:36 PMLanded / Taxiing
Geneva (GVA)CA 7047Air China14:35 PM14:36 PMLanded / Taxiing
Geneva (GVA)LO 4703LOT Polish Airlines14:35 PM14:36 PMLanded / Taxiing
Geneva (GVA)LX 4586Swiss International Air Lines14:35 PM14:36 PMLanded / Taxiing
Geneva (GVA)S4 8365SATA International14:35 PM14:36 PMLanded / Taxiing
Geneva (GVA)TP 941TAP Portugal14:35 PM14:36 PMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)LG 1982Luxair14:30 PM14:27 PMLanded / Taxiing
Rome (FCO)FR 9903Ryanair14:30 PM16:00 PM (E)Scheduled
Funchal (FNC)B6 6716JetBlue Airways14:30 PM14:27 PMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)BT 5309Air Baltic14:30 PM14:27 PMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)EK 4778Emirates14:30 PM14:27 PMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)AD 7177Azul14:30 PM14:27 PMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)LH 6941Lufthansa14:30 PM14:27 PMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)SK 8946Scandinavian Airlines System14:30 PM14:27 PMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)TP 1688TAP Portugal14:30 PM14:27 PMLanded / Taxiing
Sao Tome (TMS)YU 508EuroAtlantic Airways14:30 PM14:39 PMLanded / Taxiing
Sao Tome (TMS)YU 508EuroAtlantic Airways14:30 PM14:39 PMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)S4 8038SATA International14:30 PM14:27 PMLanded / Taxiing
Marseille (MRS)TP 401TAP Portugal14:25 PM14:14 PMLanded / Taxiing
Marseille (MRS)S4 8312SATA International14:25 PM14:14 PMLanded / Taxiing
Sao Tome (TMS)YU EuroAtlantic Airways14:24 PMScheduled
Bologna (BLQ)TP 869TAP Portugal14:15 PM15:30 PM (E)Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ)AD 7252Azul14:15 PM15:30 PM (E)Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ)S4 8955SATA International14:15 PM15:30 PM (E)Scheduled
Manchester (MAN)S4 8291SATA International14:15 PM14:24 PMLanded / Taxiing
Manchester (MAN)TP 1311TAP Portugal14:15 PM14:24 PMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)TP 1862TAP Portugal14:10 PM13:57 PMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)TK 8137Turkish Airlines14:10 PM13:57 PMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)S4 8270SATA International14:10 PM13:57 PMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)LH 6983Lufthansa14:10 PM13:57 PMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)BT 5347Air Baltic14:10 PM13:57 PMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)B6 6718JetBlue Airways14:10 PM13:57 PMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)AD 7472Azul14:10 PM13:57 PMLanded / Taxiing
Palma de Mallorca (PMI)EK 4799Emirates14:05 PM14:02 PMLanded / Taxiing
Palma de Mallorca (PMI)AD 7464Azul14:05 PM14:02 PMLanded / Taxiing
Palma de Mallorca (PMI)S4 8500SATA International14:05 PM14:02 PMLanded / Taxiing
Palma de Mallorca (PMI)TP 1151TAP Portugal14:05 PM14:02 PMLanded / Taxiing
Nice (NCE)LO 4767LOT Polish Airlines14:00 PM14:22 PMLanded / Taxiing
Nice (NCE)S4 8324SATA International14:00 PM14:22 PMLanded / Taxiing
Nice (NCE)TP 481TAP Portugal14:00 PM14:22 PMLanded / Taxiing
Venice (VCE)AD 7248Azul14:00 PMCancelled
Venice (VCE)AZ 7532Alitalia14:00 PMCancelled
Venice (VCE)S4 8497SATA International14:00 PMCancelled
Venice (VCE)TP 861TAP Portugal14:00 PMCancelled
Madrid (MAD)AV 2490Avianca - Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia14:00 PM14:05 PMLanded / Taxiing
Florence (FLR)AD 7313Azul14:00 PM14:33 PMLanded / Taxiing
Florence (FLR)S4 8959SATA International14:00 PM14:33 PMLanded / Taxiing
Florence (FLR)TP 875TAP Portugal14:00 PM14:33 PMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)A3 1765Aegean Airlines14:00 PM14:05 PMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)AC 2675Air Canada14:00 PM14:05 PMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)AD 7271Azul14:00 PM14:05 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)B6 6705JetBlue Airways14:00 PM14:16 PMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)CA 7051Air China14:00 PM14:05 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)LO 4719LOT Polish Airlines14:00 PM14:16 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)TP 1367TAP Portugal14:00 PM14:16 PMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)LO 4765LOT Polish Airlines14:00 PM14:05 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)SQ 2771Singapore Airlines14:00 PM14:16 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)S4 8625SATA International14:00 PM14:16 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)UA 6878United Airlines14:00 PM14:16 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)ET 1742Ethiopian Airlines14:00 PM14:16 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)AI 7909Air India Limited14:00 PM14:16 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)AD 7314Azul14:00 PM14:16 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)AC 2715Air Canada14:00 PM14:16 PMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)TP 1013TAP Portugal14:00 PM14:05 PMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)S4 8699SATA International14:00 PM14:05 PMLanded / Taxiing
Horta (HOR)S4 150SATA International13:55 PM13:54 PMLanded / Taxiing
Horta (HOR)AF 9615Air France13:55 PM13:54 PMLanded / Taxiing
Horta (HOR)TP 6592TAP Portugal13:55 PM13:54 PMLanded / Taxiing
Duesseldorf (DUS)EW 9602Eurowings13:50 PM14:11 PMLanded / Taxiing
Casablanca (CMN)AT 980Royal Air Maroc13:50 PM13:45 PMLanded / Taxiing
Casablanca (CMN)QR 4533Qatar Airways13:50 PM13:45 PMLanded / Taxiing
Milano (MXP)CA 7042Air China13:45 PM13:48 PMLanded / Taxiing
Milano (MXP)A3 1797Aegean Airlines13:45 PM13:48 PMLanded / Taxiing
Milano (MXP)AY 6786Finnair13:45 PM13:48 PMLanded / Taxiing
Milano (MXP)AZ 7524Alitalia13:45 PM13:48 PMLanded / Taxiing
Milano (MXP)AD 7229Azul13:45 PM13:48 PMLanded / Taxiing
Milano (MXP)ET 1890Ethiopian Airlines13:45 PM13:48 PMLanded / Taxiing
Milano (MXP)S4 8917SATA International13:45 PM13:48 PMLanded / Taxiing
Milano (MXP)SQ 2781Singapore Airlines13:45 PM13:48 PMLanded / Taxiing
Milano (MXP)TP 823TAP Portugal13:45 PM13:48 PMLanded / Taxiing
Munich (MUC)AC 9142Air Canada13:35 PM14:19 PMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)AY 6765Finnair13:35 PM13:42 PMLanded / Taxiing
Munich (MUC)NH 6081All Nippon Airways13:35 PM14:19 PMLanded / Taxiing
Munich (MUC)OS 7487Austrian Airlines13:35 PM14:19 PMLanded / Taxiing
Munich (MUC)TP 6720TAP Portugal13:35 PM14:19 PMLanded / Taxiing
Munich (MUC)UA 8938United Airlines13:35 PM14:19 PMLanded / Taxiing
Munich (MUC)LH 1778Lufthansa13:35 PM14:19 PMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)AC 2678Air Canada13:35 PM13:42 PMLanded / Taxiing
Dublin (DUB)TP 1323TAP Portugal13:35 PM14:08 PMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)BT 5361Air Baltic13:35 PM13:42 PMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)LO 4727LOT Polish Airlines13:35 PM13:42 PMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)S4 8481SATA International13:35 PM13:42 PMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)SN 6401Brussels Airlines13:35 PM13:42 PMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)TP 641TAP Portugal13:35 PM13:42 PMLanded / Taxiing
Dublin (DUB)S4 8297SATA International13:35 PM14:08 PMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)ET 1731Ethiopian Airlines13:35 PM13:42 PMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)AD 7160Azul13:30 PM13:51 PMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)WT 131Swiftair13:30 PM13:37 PMLanded / Taxiing
Toulouse (TLS)TP 491TAP Portugal13:30 PM13:39 PMLanded / Taxiing
Toulouse (TLS)S4 8949SATA International13:30 PM13:39 PMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)TP 431TAP Portugal13:30 PM13:51 PMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)S4 8931SATA International13:30 PM13:51 PMLanded / Taxiing
Samana (AZS)E9 832Air Evex13:29 PM13:26 PMLanded / Taxiing
Marrakech (RAK)TP 1453TAP Portugal13:25 PM12:55 PMLanded / Taxiing
Marrakech (RAK)S4 8308SATA International13:25 PM12:55 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)AD 7190Azul13:20 PM13:24 PMLanded / Taxiing
Rome (FCO)AD 7166Azul13:20 PM13:59 PMLanded / Taxiing
Rome (FCO)AZ 7762Alitalia13:20 PM13:59 PMLanded / Taxiing
Rome (FCO)ET 1736Ethiopian Airlines13:20 PM13:59 PMLanded / Taxiing
Rome (FCO)S4 8905SATA International13:20 PM13:59 PMLanded / Taxiing
Rome (FCO)SQ 2799Singapore Airlines13:20 PM13:59 PMLanded / Taxiing
Rome (FCO)TP 831TAP Portugal13:20 PM13:59 PMLanded / Taxiing
Rome (FCO)A3 1737Aegean Airlines13:20 PM13:59 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LGW)BT 5368Air Baltic13:20 PM13:29 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LGW)S4 8607SATA International13:20 PM13:29 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LGW)SQ 2772Singapore Airlines13:20 PM13:29 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LGW)TP 1335TAP Portugal13:20 PM13:29 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LGW)B6 6706JetBlue Airways13:20 PM13:29 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)AY 6754Finnair13:20 PM13:24 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)TK 8141Turkish Airlines13:20 PM13:24 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)B6 6701JetBlue Airways13:20 PM13:24 PMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)QR 3579Qatar Airways13:20 PMresult unknown
Barcelona (BCN)IB 5788Iberia Airlines13:20 PMresult unknown
Porto (OPO)TP 1927TAP Portugal13:20 PM13:24 PMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)G2T 8466Gestion Aerea Ajecutiva13:20 PMresult unknown
Porto (OPO)SK 8919Scandinavian Airlines System13:20 PM13:24 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)S4 8431SATA International13:20 PM13:24 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)LH 6991Lufthansa13:20 PM13:24 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)EK 4770Emirates13:20 PM13:24 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)BT 5307Air Baltic13:20 PM13:24 PMLanded / Taxiing
Mulhouse (BSL)U2 7646easyJet13:15 PM12:59 PMLanded / Taxiing
Valencia (VLC)TP 1093TAP Portugal13:15 PM13:03 PMLanded / Taxiing
Valencia (VLC)S4 8741SATA International13:15 PM13:03 PMLanded / Taxiing
Valencia (VLC)EK 4895Emirates13:15 PM13:03 PMLanded / Taxiing
Valencia (VLC)AD 7168Azul13:15 PM13:03 PMLanded / Taxiing
Glasgow (GLA)U2 7668easyJet13:10 PM13:08 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)AD 7193Azul13:05 PM13:11 PMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)TP 6620TAP Portugal13:05 PM13:05 PMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)AF 9605Air France13:05 PM13:05 PMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)S4 122SATA International13:05 PM13:05 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)S4 8243SATA International13:05 PM13:11 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)BT 5245Air Baltic13:05 PM13:11 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)TP 1931TAP Portugal13:05 PM13:11 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)EK 4798Emirates13:05 PM13:11 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (LGW)U2 8513easyJet12:55 PM12:52 PMLanded / Taxiing
Casablanca (CMN)TP 1437TAP Portugal12:50 PM13:21 PMLanded / Taxiing
Casablanca (CMN)S4 8303SATA International12:50 PM13:21 PMLanded / Taxiing
Bergamo (BGY)FR 820Ryanair12:50 PM13:32 PMLanded / Taxiing
Miami (MIA)EK 4843Emirates12:45 PM12:47 PMLanded / Taxiing
Miami (MIA)B6 6758JetBlue Airways12:45 PM12:47 PMLanded / Taxiing
Manchester (MAN)U2 6728easyJet12:45 PM12:38 PMLanded / Taxiing
Miami (MIA)TP 226TAP Portugal12:45 PM12:47 PMLanded / Taxiing
London (STN)FR 1882Ryanair12:35 PM12:34 PMLanded / Taxiing
Dubai (DXB)EK 191Emirates12:35 PM12:17 PMLanded / Taxiing
Dubai (DXB)TP 6730TAP Portugal12:35 PM12:17 PMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)S4 8707SATA International12:30 PM12:41 PMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)CA 7052Air China12:30 PM12:41 PMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)EK 4863Emirates12:30 PM12:41 PMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)AD 7276Azul12:30 PM12:41 PMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)SQ 2795Singapore Airlines12:30 PM12:41 PMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)UA 6879United Airlines12:30 PM12:41 PMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)TP 1031TAP Portugal12:30 PM12:41 PMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)AV 2495Avianca - Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia12:30 PM12:41 PMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)AC 2701Air Canada12:30 PM12:41 PMLanded / Taxiing
Charleroi (CRL)FR 3610Ryanair12:30 PM12:31 PMLanded / Taxiing
Birmingham (BHX)U2 6706easyJet12:20 PM14:58 PM (E)Scheduled
Geneva (GVA)U2 7642easyJet12:10 PM12:21 PMLanded / Taxiing
Bastia (BIA)U2 6708easyJet12:05 PM11:55 AMLanded / Taxiing
Faro (FAO)TP 1902TAP Portugal12:05 PM12:04 PMLanded / Taxiing
Faro (FAO)TK 8105Turkish Airlines12:05 PM12:04 PMLanded / Taxiing
Faro (FAO)S4 8442SATA International12:05 PM12:04 PMLanded / Taxiing
Faro (FAO)LH 6937Lufthansa12:05 PM12:04 PMLanded / Taxiing
Faro (FAO)LG 1962Luxair12:05 PM12:04 PMLanded / Taxiing
Faro (FAO)EK 4786Emirates12:05 PM12:04 PMLanded / Taxiing
Faro (FAO)AD 7188Azul12:05 PM12:04 PMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)TP 429TAP Portugal12:00 PM11:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)AD 7262Azul12:00 PM11:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)S4 8265SATA International12:00 PM11:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)HV 7644Transavia Holland12:00 PM12:25 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)AD 7315Azul12:00 PM12:11 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)TP 1925TAP Portugal12:00 PM12:11 PMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)S4 8413SATA International12:00 PM12:11 PMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)FR 2622Ryanair11:55 AM12:06 PMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)IB 8870Iberia Airlines11:50 AM11:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)CX 1835Cathay Pacific11:50 AM11:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Zurich (ZRH)TP 8204TAP Portugal11:50 AM12:14 PMLanded / Taxiing
Zurich (ZRH)2L 2086Helvetic Airways11:50 AM12:14 PMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)S4 120SATA International11:40 AM11:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)TP 6618TAP Portugal11:40 AM11:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Salvador (SSA)TP 28TAP Portugal11:40 AM11:41 AMLanded / Taxiing
Salvador (SSA)EK 4831Emirates11:40 AM11:41 AMLanded / Taxiing
Salvador (SSA)AD 7129Azul11:40 AM11:41 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)AF 9607Air France11:40 AM11:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Alicante (ALC)TP 1123TAP Portugal11:35 AM11:58 AMLanded / Taxiing
Alicante (ALC)S4 8242SATA International11:35 AM11:58 AMLanded / Taxiing
Alicante (ALC)AD 7326Azul11:35 AM11:58 AMLanded / Taxiing
Alicante (ALC)AC 2634Air Canada11:35 AM11:58 AMLanded / Taxiing
Frankfurt (FRA)SQ 2108Singapore Airlines11:25 AM11:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Frankfurt (FRA)ET 1567Ethiopian Airlines11:25 AM11:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Frankfurt (FRA)OS 7327Austrian Airlines11:25 AM11:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)CA 7050Air China11:25 AM11:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Frankfurt (FRA)AC 9062Air Canada11:25 AM11:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
San Francisco (SFO)TP 238TAP Portugal11:25 AM11:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
San Francisco (SFO)EY 2747Etihad Airways11:25 AM11:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
San Francisco (SFO)B6 6762JetBlue Airways11:25 AM11:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
Frankfurt (FRA)TP 6700TAP Portugal11:25 AM11:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Frankfurt (FRA)TG 7692Thai Airways International11:25 AM11:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)S4 8691SATA International11:25 AM11:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Frankfurt (FRA)UA 8846United Airlines11:25 AM11:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)UA 6858United Airlines11:25 AM11:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Frankfurt (FRA)LH 1166Lufthansa11:25 AM11:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)TP 1011TAP Portugal11:25 AM11:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)U2 7622easyJet11:25 AM11:13 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)EK 4857Emirates11:25 AM11:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)AV 2502Avianca - Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia11:25 AM11:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)AD 7197Azul11:25 AM11:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)AC 2681Air Canada11:25 AM11:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Belem (BEL)EK 4801Emirates11:15 AM11:15 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)AF 1024Air France11:15 AM11:22 AMLanded / Taxiing
Belem (BEL)TP 48TAP Portugal11:15 AM11:15 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)DL 8440Delta Air Lines11:15 AM11:22 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)EY 5934Etihad Airways11:15 AM11:22 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)G3 5123Gol Transportes Aéreos11:15 AM11:22 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)KQ 3816Kenya Airways11:15 AM11:22 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)S4 7301SATA International11:15 AM11:22 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)SQ 1876Singapore Airlines11:15 AM11:22 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)UU 8024Air Austral11:15 AM11:22 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)LG 1984Luxair11:15 AM10:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)AC 2671Air Canada11:15 AM10:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)AD 7176Azul11:15 AM10:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)BT 5303Air Baltic11:15 AM10:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)EK 4772Emirates11:15 AM10:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)LH 6989Lufthansa11:15 AM10:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)S4 8010SATA International11:15 AM10:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)SK 8942Scandinavian Airlines System11:15 AM10:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)UA 6859United Airlines11:15 AM10:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)TP 1686TAP Portugal11:15 AM10:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Belem (BEL)AD 7109Azul11:15 AM11:15 AMLanded / Taxiing
Toronto (YYZ)UA 8655United Airlines11:10 AM11:05 AMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)EY 7209Etihad Airways11:10 AM11:38 AMLanded / Taxiing
Toronto (YYZ)LH 6715Lufthansa11:10 AM11:05 AMLanded / Taxiing
Campinas (VCP)TP 5006TAP Portugal11:10 AM11:19 AMLanded / Taxiing
Toronto (YYZ)AC 810Air Canada11:10 AM11:05 AMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)SQ 2809Singapore Airlines11:10 AM11:38 AMLanded / Taxiing
Campinas (VCP)AD 8752Azul11:10 AM11:19 AMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)TP 6775TAP Portugal11:10 AM11:38 AMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)SN 3815Brussels Airlines11:10 AM11:38 AMLanded / Taxiing
Toronto (YYZ)TP 262TAP Portugal11:05 AM11:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Newark (EWR)TP 204TAP Portugal11:00 AM11:27 AMLanded / Taxiing
Boston (BOS)AF 3627Air France11:00 AM10:59 AMLanded / Taxiing
Boston (BOS)KL 6003KLM Royal Dutch Airlines11:00 AM10:59 AMLanded / Taxiing
Boston (BOS)VS 3953Virgin Atlantic Airways11:00 AM10:59 AMLanded / Taxiing
Newark (EWR)AC 2692Air Canada11:00 AM11:27 AMLanded / Taxiing
Newark (EWR)B6 6752JetBlue Airways11:00 AM11:27 AMLanded / Taxiing
Boston (BOS)DL 124Delta Air Lines11:00 AM10:59 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)AC 2693Air Canada11:00 AM11:10 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)LH 6943Lufthansa11:00 AM11:10 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)AD 7459Azul11:00 AM11:10 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)S4 8008SATA International11:00 AM11:10 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)SK 8917Scandinavian Airlines System11:00 AM11:10 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)TP 1923TAP Portugal11:00 AM11:10 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amsterdam (AMS)KE 6439Korean Air10:55 AM11:16 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amsterdam (AMS)DL 9349Delta Air Lines10:55 AM11:16 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amsterdam (AMS)KL 1579KLM Royal Dutch Airlines10:55 AM11:16 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)B6 6704JetBlue Airways10:45 AM10:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
Dublin (DUB)AA 8093American Airlines10:45 AM10:54 AMLanded / Taxiing
Dublin (DUB)EI 482Aer Lingus10:45 AM10:54 AMLanded / Taxiing
Malaga (AGP)AD 7341Azul10:45 AM11:08 AMLanded / Taxiing
Malaga (AGP)EK 4875Emirates10:45 AM11:08 AMLanded / Taxiing
Malaga (AGP)S4 8703SATA International10:45 AM11:08 AMLanded / Taxiing
Malaga (AGP)TP 1135TAP Portugal10:45 AM11:08 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)AC 2712Air Canada10:45 AM10:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)AD 7292Azul10:45 AM10:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
Malaga (AGP)AC 2680Air Canada10:45 AM11:08 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)ET 1740Ethiopian Airlines10:45 AM10:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)AM 6914AeroMéxico10:45 AM10:43 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)S4 8609SATA International10:45 AM10:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)ET 1427Ethiopian Airlines10:45 AM10:43 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)UX 1153Air Europa10:45 AM10:43 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)AD 7854Azul10:45 AM10:43 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)TP 1351TAP Portugal10:45 AM10:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)UA 6866United Airlines10:45 AM10:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)SQ 2787Singapore Airlines10:45 AM10:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sao Paulo (GRU)TP 88TAP Portugal10:40 AM10:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sao Paulo (GRU)LY 9095El Al Israel Airlines10:40 AM10:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sao Paulo (GRU)EK 4815Emirates10:40 AM10:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sao Paulo (GRU)AD 7124Azul10:40 AM10:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
Montreal (YUL)TP 254TAP Portugal10:35 AM10:23 AMLanded / Taxiing
Washington (IAD)AC 3837Air Canada10:30 AM10:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Lajes (terceira Island) (TER)B6 6714JetBlue Airways10:30 AM10:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
Washington (IAD)LH 8864Lufthansa10:30 AM10:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Washington (IAD)UA 942United Airlines10:30 AM10:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Lajes (terceira Island) (TER)AD 7470Azul10:30 AM10:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
Lajes (terceira Island) (TER)AC 2640Air Canada10:30 AM10:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
Lajes (terceira Island) (TER)BT 5287Air Baltic10:30 AM10:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
Lajes (terceira Island) (TER)S4 8826SATA International10:30 AM10:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
Lajes (terceira Island) (TER)TP 1826TAP Portugal10:30 AM10:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LTN)U2 2459easyJet10:30 AM10:12 AMLanded / Taxiing
Lajes (terceira Island) (TER)LG 1986Luxair10:30 AM10:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
Washington (IAD)TP 234TAP Portugal10:25 AM10:26 AMLanded / Taxiing
Washington (IAD)B6 6761JetBlue Airways10:25 AM10:26 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sevilla (SVQ)EK 4989Emirates10:20 AM11:02 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sevilla (SVQ)AC 2677Air Canada10:20 AM11:02 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sevilla (SVQ)AD 7169Azul10:20 AM11:02 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sevilla (SVQ)S4 8733SATA International10:20 AM11:02 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sevilla (SVQ)TP 1103TAP Portugal10:20 AM11:02 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)U2 7652easyJet10:20 AM10:17 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)BA 500British Airways10:15 AM10:14 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)B6 6268JetBlue Airways10:15 AM10:14 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)QR 5902Qatar Airways10:15 AM10:14 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)CX 7201Cathay Pacific10:15 AM10:14 AMLanded / Taxiing
Oslo (OSL)DY 1824Norwegian Air Shuttle10:10 AM09:54 AMLanded / Taxiing
Rio De Janeiro (GIG)TP 72TAP Portugal10:10 AM09:51 AMLanded / Taxiing
Rio De Janeiro (GIG)AD 7112Azul10:10 AM09:51 AMLanded / Taxiing
New York (JFK)TP 210TAP Portugal10:00 AM09:34 AMLanded / Taxiing
New York (JFK)EK 4839Emirates10:00 AM09:34 AMLanded / Taxiing
New York (JFK)B6 6753JetBlue Airways10:00 AM09:34 AMLanded / Taxiing
Boston (BOS)TP 216TAP Portugal09:55 AM09:57 AMLanded / Taxiing
Boston (BOS)B6 6755JetBlue Airways09:55 AM09:57 AMLanded / Taxiing
Athens (ATH)A3 720Aegean Airlines09:55 AM10:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Athens (ATH)TP 7409TAP Portugal09:55 AM10:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Boston (BOS)EK 4841Emirates09:55 AM09:57 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (IST)6E 4190IndiGo Airlines09:55 AM09:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (IST)TG 9086Thai Airways International09:55 AM09:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (IST)TP 6455TAP Portugal09:55 AM09:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (IST)MH 4325Malaysia Airlines09:55 AM09:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (IST)TK 1755Turkish Airlines09:55 AM09:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)B6 6717JetBlue Airways09:50 AM10:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Natal (NAT)AD 7103Azul09:50 AM10:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Natal (NAT)EK 4819Emirates09:50 AM10:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Natal (NAT)TP 10TAP Portugal09:50 AM10:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)AC 2644Air Canada09:50 AM10:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)AD 7474Azul09:50 AM10:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)JD 5422Japan Air System09:50 AM10:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)BT 5343Air Baltic09:50 AM10:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)EK 4823Emirates09:50 AM10:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)LG 1964Luxair09:50 AM10:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)LH 6987Lufthansa09:50 AM10:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)S4 8278SATA International09:50 AM10:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ponta Delgada (PDL)TP 1866TAP Portugal09:50 AM10:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Recife (REC)EK 4827Emirates09:45 AM09:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
Recife (REC)AD 7105Azul09:45 AM09:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
Recife (REC)JD 5452Japan Air System09:45 AM09:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
Recife (REC)TP 12TAP Portugal09:45 AM09:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
Eindhoven (EIN)HV 6203Transavia Holland09:45 AM10:49 AM (E)Scheduled
Punta Cana (PUJ)EB 3154Air Pullmantur09:35 AM10:05 AMLanded / Taxiing
Fortaleza (FOR)TP 36TAP Portugal09:35 AM10:45 AM (E)Scheduled
Fortaleza (FOR)JD 5436Japan Air System09:35 AM10:45 AM (E)Scheduled
Fortaleza (FOR)EK 4811Emirates09:35 AM10:45 AM (E)Scheduled
Fortaleza (FOR)AD 7107Azul09:35 AM10:45 AM (E)Scheduled
Dublin (DUB)FR 7138Ryanair09:30 AM11:52 AM (E)Scheduled
Pisa (PSA)FR 1421Ryanair09:25 AM09:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sevilla (SVQ)FR 3629Ryanair09:20 AM09:16 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amsterdam (AMS)TP 675TAP Portugal09:15 AM09:23 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amsterdam (AMS)UA 6851United Airlines09:15 AM09:23 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amsterdam (AMS)S4 8649SATA International09:15 AM09:23 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amsterdam (AMS)AD 7227Azul09:15 AM09:23 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)TP 443TAP Portugal09:10 AM09:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)S4 8913SATA International09:10 AM09:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)AD 7320Azul09:10 AM09:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
Charleroi (CRL)FR 1300Ryanair09:10 AM09:00 AMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)D0 8032DHL Air09:08 AM08:58 AMLanded / Taxiing
Philadelphia (PHL)BA 1572British Airways09:05 AM08:43 AMLanded / Taxiing
Philadelphia (PHL)AY 4146Finnair09:05 AM08:43 AMLanded / Taxiing
Philadelphia (PHL)IB 4918Iberia Airlines09:05 AM08:43 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (STN)FR 1080Ryanair09:05 AM09:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Philadelphia (PHL)AA 258American Airlines09:05 AM08:43 AMLanded / Taxiing
Copenhagen (CPH)TP 757TAP Portugal08:55 AM08:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Copenhagen (CPH)SK 8907Scandinavian Airlines System08:55 AM08:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Copenhagen (CPH)S4 8671SATA International08:55 AM08:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)DL 8444Delta Air Lines08:50 AM08:49 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)AF 1224Air France08:50 AM08:49 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)S4 7307SATA International08:50 AM08:49 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)KE 6399Korean Air08:50 AM08:49 AMLanded / Taxiing
Berlin (BER)TP 535TAP Portugal08:45 AM08:38 AMLanded / Taxiing
Berlin (BER)S4 8330SATA International08:45 AM08:38 AMLanded / Taxiing
Berlin (BER)AD 7324Azul08:45 AM08:38 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)S4 8050SATA International08:40 AM08:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)AD 7232Azul08:40 AM08:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)AC 2686Air Canada08:40 AM08:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)SQ 2773Singapore Airlines08:40 AM08:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)UA 6857United Airlines08:40 AM08:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)TP 1363TAP Portugal08:40 AM08:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)AD 7350Azul08:35 AM08:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)S4 8933SATA International08:35 AM08:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)TP 441TAP Portugal08:35 AM08:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)VY 8460Vueling Airlines08:30 AM08:18 AMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)QR 3786Qatar Airways08:30 AM08:18 AMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)IB 5782Iberia Airlines08:30 AM08:18 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hamburg (HAM)TP 565TAP Portugal08:30 AM08:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hamburg (HAM)S4 8346SATA International08:30 AM08:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hamburg (HAM)LH 6946Lufthansa08:30 AM08:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hamburg (HAM)AD 7218Azul08:30 AM08:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Dublin (DUB)S4 8299SATA International08:25 AM08:12 AMLanded / Taxiing
Dublin (DUB)TP 1327TAP Portugal08:25 AM08:12 AMLanded / Taxiing
Munich (MUC)TP 557TAP Portugal08:25 AM08:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Munich (MUC)S4 8381SATA International08:25 AM08:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Munich (MUC)LH 6998Lufthansa08:25 AM08:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Munich (MUC)AD 7357Azul08:25 AM08:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amsterdam (AMS)HV 5951Transavia Holland08:25 AM09:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Newark (EWR)LH 7966Lufthansa08:20 AM08:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Newark (EWR)AC 3727Air Canada08:20 AM08:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Newark (EWR)SN 9025Brussels Airlines08:20 AM08:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Newark (EWR)UA 64United Airlines08:20 AM08:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Frankfurt (FRA)LH 6954Lufthansa08:15 AM08:27 AMLanded / Taxiing
Frankfurt (FRA)TP 575TAP Portugal08:15 AM08:27 AMLanded / Taxiing
Frankfurt (FRA)AD 7225Azul08:15 AM08:27 AMLanded / Taxiing
Frankfurt (FRA)S4 8765SATA International08:15 AM08:27 AMLanded / Taxiing
Zurich (ZRH)TP 935TAP Portugal08:15 AM08:23 AMLanded / Taxiing
Zurich (ZRH)AD 7260Azul08:15 AM08:23 AMLanded / Taxiing
Zurich (ZRH)S4 8791SATA International08:15 AM08:23 AMLanded / Taxiing
Zurich (ZRH)LX 4582Swiss International Air Lines08:15 AM08:23 AMLanded / Taxiing
Washington (IAD)TP 232TAP Portugal08:10 AM07:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Washington (IAD)B6 6760JetBlue Airways08:10 AM07:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Campinas (VCP)AD 8750Azul08:10 AM08:26 AMLanded / Taxiing
Campinas (VCP)TP 5000TAP Portugal08:10 AM08:26 AMLanded / Taxiing
Montreal (YUL)AC 812Air Canada08:10 AM07:38 AMLanded / Taxiing
Montreal (YUL)UA 8090United Airlines08:10 AM07:38 AMLanded / Taxiing
Montreal (YUL)LH 6547Lufthansa08:10 AM07:38 AMLanded / Taxiing
Rome (FCO)S4 8901SATA International08:05 AM08:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Rome (FCO)AD 7348Azul08:05 AM08:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Rome (FCO)AZ 7528Alitalia08:05 AM08:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Rome (FCO)TP 839TAP Portugal08:05 AM08:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)IB 5147Iberia Airlines08:05 AM07:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (ORY)VY 1983Vueling Airlines08:05 AM07:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
New York (JFK)VS 3895Virgin Atlantic Airways08:00 AM07:47 AMLanded / Taxiing
New York (JFK)KL 6091KLM Royal Dutch Airlines08:00 AM07:47 AMLanded / Taxiing
New York (JFK)AF 3661Air France08:00 AM07:47 AMLanded / Taxiing
New York (JFK)DL 272Delta Air Lines08:00 AM07:47 AMLanded / Taxiing
Toulouse (TLS)S4 8953SATA International08:00 AM07:55 AMLanded / Taxiing
Toulouse (TLS)TP 495TAP Portugal08:00 AM07:55 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)TP 1023TAP Portugal07:55 AM08:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
Chicago (ORD)TP 244TAP Portugal07:55 AM08:00 AMLanded / Taxiing
Chicago (ORD)B6 6763JetBlue Airways07:55 AM08:00 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)AC 2666Air Canada07:55 AM08:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)AD 7358Azul07:55 AM08:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)AV 2503Avianca - Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia07:55 AM08:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)JD 5425Japan Air System07:55 AM08:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)S4 8709SATA International07:55 AM08:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)UA 6892United Airlines07:55 AM08:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)A3 1777Aegean Airlines07:55 AM08:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)AC 2700Air Canada07:55 AM08:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)B6 6700JetBlue Airways07:55 AM08:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)EK 4794Emirates07:55 AM08:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)JD 5419Japan Air System07:55 AM08:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)S4 8447SATA International07:55 AM08:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)TK 8131Turkish Airlines07:55 AM08:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)UA 6890United Airlines07:55 AM08:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)TP 1939TAP Portugal07:55 AM08:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Porto (OPO)AD 7196Azul07:55 AM08:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)S4 8487SATA International07:50 AM07:49 AMLanded / Taxiing
Milano (MXP)TP 829TAP Portugal07:50 AM08:15 AMLanded / Taxiing
Milano (MXP)S4 8909SATA International07:50 AM08:15 AMLanded / Taxiing
Milano (MXP)AZ 7752Alitalia07:50 AM08:15 AMLanded / Taxiing
Milano (MXP)AD 7347Azul07:50 AM08:15 AMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)TP 647TAP Portugal07:50 AM07:49 AMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)SN 6405Brussels Airlines07:50 AM07:49 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)LA 7178LAN Airlines07:45 AM07:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)AA 8743American Airlines07:45 AM07:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)QR 6917Qatar Airways07:45 AM07:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)VY 5069Vueling Airlines07:45 AM07:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)IB 3108Iberia Airlines07:45 AM07:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Nice (NCE)S4 8323SATA International07:45 AM07:41 AMLanded / Taxiing
Nice (NCE)TP 485TAP Portugal07:45 AM07:41 AMLanded / Taxiing
Nantes (NTE)HV 7820Transavia Holland07:45 AM07:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Geneva (GVA)TP 945TAP Portugal07:40 AM07:57 AMLanded / Taxiing
Geneva (GVA)S4 8354SATA International07:40 AM07:57 AMLanded / Taxiing
Geneva (GVA)LX 4594Swiss International Air Lines07:40 AM07:57 AMLanded / Taxiing
Geneva (GVA)AD 7267Azul07:40 AM07:57 AMLanded / Taxiing
Luanda (LAD)TP 286TAP Portugal07:35 AM08:55 AM (E)Scheduled
Funchal (FNC)JD 5414Japan Air System07:30 AM07:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)AC 2635Air Canada07:30 AM07:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)AD 7467Azul07:30 AM07:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)B6 6715JetBlue Airways07:30 AM07:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)EK 4780Emirates07:30 AM07:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)S4 8020SATA International07:30 AM07:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)LG 1998Luxair07:30 AM07:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)LH 6955Lufthansa07:30 AM07:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)TK 8125Turkish Airlines07:30 AM07:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)UA 6882United Airlines07:30 AM07:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Funchal (FNC)TP 1698TAP Portugal07:30 AM07:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Marseille (MRS)TP 405TAP Portugal07:25 AM07:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Marseille (MRS)S4 8315SATA International07:25 AM07:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hangzhou (HGH)JD 621Japan Air System07:25 AM07:23 AMLanded / Taxiing
Malaga (AGP)AC 2685Air Canada07:20 AM07:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Malaga (AGP)TP 1139TAP Portugal07:20 AM07:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Malaga (AGP)S4 8737SATA International07:20 AM07:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Malaga (AGP)AD 7337Azul07:20 AM07:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amilcar Cabral (SID)S4 6802SATA International07:17 AM07:16 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hangzhou (HGH)JD Japan Air System07:06 AMScheduled
(S) Scheduled, (E) Estimated
Arrivals information last updated on Jul, 20 2024 15:20 PM (local time)

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic flight schedule – Lisbon Airport Departures – might be affected. For any changes on the flight schedule passengers must contact their airline/ travel agent.