Lisbon Airport Hotels

Find best Hotels near Lisbon Airport

When you’re planning a visit to Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city, you might want to stay at a hotel near Humberto Delgado Airport, also known as Lisbon Airport. There can be several benefits you’ll experience from staying at an airport hotel compared to one that’s located within Lisbon, including quick access to the airport so you don’t have to worry about missing your flight home.

Lisbon Airport is also only a short distance of 4.3 miles (roughly 7 kilometers) from the city center, so even if you stay at an airport hotel you can quickly get into downtown Lisbon to enjoy its food, drink, shopping, museums, and other great tourist attractions. And staying at an airport hotel can often be quieter than staying in the heart of the city which can be noisy at night.

Thankfully, there are several great hotels to choose from near Lisbon Airport, with varying amenities and services. There is truly an option for every type of traveler no matter your budget, the size of your travel party, or how many nights you plan on staying at the hotel. Check out the guide below for details on some of the most popular hotels around Lisbon Airport.

Stay @ Airport

Proximity to airport: 0.4 miles (about 0.64 kilometers)

Stay @ Airport is within walking distance of Lisbon Airport which is perfect for many different types of travelers: those who have mobility issues, people who are attending a work conference in or near the airport, and passengers who need very fast access to the airport on the day of their departure. Amenities are rather limited, yet the hotel does provide Wi-Fi for its guests and some rooms have toasters and microwaves.

Star Inn Lisbon Airport

Proximity to airport: 0.7 miles (about 1.2 kilometers)

Located just a short distance from Lisbon Airport, you can reach this airport within minutes if you’re taking a rental car or taxi, or it’s also a very short walking distance from the terminals. The hotel also provides a free shuttle bus to and from the airport. It’s a decent hotel that provides a good balance of affordability with quality. On-site amenities including dining and drinking options, so you can relax with a cocktail and a snack at the end of a busy day.

TRYP Lisboa Aeroporto Hotel

Proximity to airport: 0.8 miles (about 1.29 kilometers)

This four-star hotel is one of most luxurious available in the immediate vicinity of the airport, and is ideal for those travelers who want to make the most of the hotel’s amenities yet aren’t concerned about the potentially high room prices. When you are done with a day of sightseeing in and around Lisbon you can return to this top-quality accommodation any unwind at the popular health club, which includes a jacuzzi, a gym, and a swimming pool.

Holiday Inn Express Lisbon Airport

Proximity to airport: 1.36 miles (about 2.2 kilometers)

This hotel is great for the traveler on a more-limited budget because it provides relatively affordable rooms with a basic level of amenities yet without some of the luxuries that you might find at pricier hotels. For example, there is no swimming pool or gym or other leisure facilities. And it’s also located further away from the airport than some of the other hotels on this list, so unless you have minimal luggage you will have to get a taxi to get to this location.

Radisson Blu Hotel

Proximity to airport: 1.9 miles (about 3.1 kilometers)

Although this hotel is located further away from Lisbon Airport compared to some of the other options, it’s still fairly close and will only take you between five and 10 minutes to between the airport and the hotel by rental car or taxi. There are many perks for people who choose to stay here, including a fantastic bar serving great cocktails and a health center with a gym.

Myriad Hotel – Parque das Nações

Proximity to airport: 2.5 miles (about 4 kilometers)

If you are visiting Lisbon and want to find a hotel that is the perfect distance between the airport and city center, this might be the ideal choice for you. You can get here in about 10 or less minutes from the airport if using a taxi or rental car, or you can ride the Metro subway and arrive here in less than 30 minutes. Perhaps the biggest draw of this hotel is the fact that it’s located in a district with many varied attractions including a cinema, great shops, and even an aquarium.

Moxy Lisboa Oriente

Proximity to airport: 1.9 miles (about 3 kilometers)

If you’re staying at this hotel you will need to get a ride from the airport, whether that’s using a rental car, taxi, or some other option. But it is still within a reasonable distance of the airport, making it particularly useful for visitors who plan on spending most of their time in that area. The hotel offers standard accommodation at decent rates for most travelers’ budgets, and you’ll find a shopping center and several highly rated restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.

VIP Executive Arts Hotel

Proximity to airport: 2 miles (about 3.2 kilometers)

You can find a nice range of affordable but basic rooms at this hotel, which is within a short driving distance of Lisbon Airport. The reasonable prices reflect the limited amenities available at this hotel, which are mostly limited to standard services such as free Wi-Fi, a bar, and business meeting rooms. Staying here could be a good idea if you are not looking for a glamorous hotel and simply want a room to sleep after spending most of the day outside.

ibis Lisbon Parque das Nacoes

Proximity to airport: 2 miles (about 3.2 kilometers)

Travelers visiting Lisbon on limited budgets should consider booking a room at this hotel, which offers some of the lowest rates of the various accommodation options near the airport. Rooms have simple furniture and fittings, including televisions, air conditioning and desks, and free Wi-Fi is provided throughout the building. There are some other benefits for guests staying here, including a coffee shop, free newspapers, and parking available if you have a rental car.