Food to try in Lisbon
Food to Try in Lisbon
Food to Try in Lisbon

Lisbon food to try

Best Foods to Try In Lisbon!

While there are some of us who travel to check out the historic sites, most popular attractions or best beaches, there is one other thing that a lot of us place our focus on and that’s finding the best food.

Portugal is a magical place full of pristine and extravagant coastlines, full blush mountainous areas and cities that won’t quit. As a small country, approximately 561 km in length and 218 km in width. It is one of those countries that you could truly see all of it in a short time if you have the time. Portugal is also a country that receives a lot of praise for its food. They create beautifully intoxicating combinations of their fresh local food that makes you want to physically dive into your dish and live there.

However, today we will be focusing exclusively on the historical and captivating city of Lisbon. With a population of ~3 million people, there are traditional dishes you MUST try while visiting this 2700-year-old city.

Below, we have the top 6 traditional foods to try in Lisbon!

Pastel de Nata

The Pastel De Nata, think Portuguese style sweet egg tart. It will be on every list that you ever see of foods to try in Portugal, and that’s because it is the countries favourite and most popular pastry foods. Coupled with a coffee, mainly always served as an espresso (called café) it is the perfect sweet pairing and morning starter or afternoon pick me up. What’s great about this traditional sweet treat is that it’s not only the unbeatable combination of filo crust to the egg custard mixture, but also that the egg custard mixture does not have an eggy taste as often served in other countries.

What’s perfect about buying a Pastel De Nata in Lisbon is that where it all began is located exactly there. Pastéis de Belém began making these little buckets of heaven in