Lisbon Airport Terminal 1
Lisbon Airport Terminal 1
Lisbon Airport Terminal 1

Lisbon Airport Terminal 1

This is the terminal where all of the international flights land and depart. However, every flight that arrives at the airport is first processed in Terminal 1 because that is where the customs officials are stationed. The domestic and low-cost airlines fly in and out of Terminal 2.

Getting between Terminal 1 and 2

If you are in Terminal 1 and need to get to Terminal 2, the airport provides a complementary bus shuttle between the two buildings. It starts service every day at 3.30am and runs until 1.30am the next day. Buses are available at 10 minute intervals, and the journey takes three minutes.

Services on offer at Terminal 1

Tourists can use a wide variety of useful services within Terminal 1, including:

  • ATMs and other banking services
  • Business center
  • Conference space
  • Currency exchange facilities
  • Designated smoking locations
  • Facilities for baby care
  • Food and drink options
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Internet zones
  • Lost luggage desk
  • Luggage storage
  • Medical support
  • Playground for children
  • Post office
  • Shopping
  • Spa
  • Wrapping for luggage

What you’ll find on Terminal 1’s two levels

Terminal 1 has two levels open to passengers: an arrivals level and a departures level.

The arrivals level is directly connected to the outside of the airport and includes a host of services such as rental car providers, an information kiosk, a direct connection to the airport’s car parking area, and other useful amenities for people on their way into Lisbon.

The departures level features the check-in desks that passengers will need to use when preparing to board their flight home after their stay in Lisbon. There are also various pre-flight services available including shopping, drinking, and dining options, among other attractions.

Lounges available for travelers in Terminal 1

Passengers looking to relax in comfort before their flights can choose from a few lounges in Terminal 1, although it’s important to note that they may require entrance or service fees.

  • ANA Airport Lounge

Available every day from 5am through to 11pm, this lounge is nearby to Gate 22 and offers printing and copying services, smoking facilities, reading materials and more. If you’re looking to wash before your flight, you can pay to use showers in the lounge.

  • Blue Lounge

This lounge opens at 5am and is available until 11pm each day, for an entrance fee of €18 per person. Amenities within the lounge include magazines, newspapers and other reading material, telephones, smoking sections, snacks and drinks, and televisions.

  • TAP Premium Lounge

Another lounge available to passengers before their flight with similar amenities as the other two options. However, the TAP Premium Lounge also includes a play area for children, and unlike the other lounges this one is non-smoking throughout.

Taking the Metro into Lisbon center

Terminal 1 is the only building at Lisbon Airport from which you can get a ride on the Metro, which is the city’s subway system, into the center of Lisbon.

Lisbon Airport Terminal 1 FAQ

You will need to walk through the duty free shopping section and pass by the food court in order to enter the passport control queue before you can get to your gate.

Terminal 1 provides a good range of food and drink options, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, ranging from fast food to sit-down restaurants before your flight.

You can find ATMs to withdraw cash, along with banking services and currency exchange.

Yes, you can pay for same-day access to the ANA Lounge in Terminal 1, which will give you access to comfier furniture, televisions, free food and drink, showers and more. The lounge is open from 6am to 10pm daily and the maximum time that you can stay there is three hours.

Yes there are some luggage storage lockers available for a fee.

No, Wi-Fi for your laptop, phone and any other electronic devices is available at no cost throughout the terminal. Just select the network “_VINCI Airports WiFI” and then follow the simple instructions in order to get connected to the internet.

Terminal 1 has several options for assisting families traveling with small children or babies, including the use of baby strollers as well as a family room and baby changing facilities.

There is both a pharmacy and first aid center available in Terminal 1 for any medical issues.

Yes, if you are driving your car to the airport there are several options for parking at different prices, whether that’s to pick up or drop someone off, or whether it’s for a long-term stay.

If you are disabled or have mobility issues, or anyone in your traveling group has such problems, then there are wheelchairs and support from airport staff in the terminal.