Lisbon Airport Terminal 2
lisbon airport terminal 2
lisbon airport terminal 2

Lisbon Airport Terminal 2

This is the terminal serviced by low-cost airlines, whereas international flights are based out of Terminal 1. However, travelers should not that when their flight arrives at Lisbon Airport, they will have to go through customs in Terminal 1 before retrieving their luggage from Terminal 2.

Terminal 2 of Lisbon Airport, compact yet efficient, is specifically designed to accommodate the operations of low-cost carriers. Unlike the more extensive Terminal 1, which handles a majority of international and domestic flights, Terminal 2’s primary role is to streamline the boarding process for budget flights within Europe.

This terminal is equipped with essential services and amenities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient journey for all passengers. From check-in counters to baggage claim areas, Terminal 2 is optimized for quick turnaround times and ease of access. Despite its smaller size, it boasts a selection of shops and dining options, providing everything travelers might need before their flight. It’s important for travelers to note which terminal their flight departs from, as the services and facilities differ between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Terminal 2 Airlines

Lisbon Airport Terminal 2 is exclusively for departures from the following airlines:

  • Eurowings,
  • Norwegian,
  • Ryanair,
  • Transavia,
  • Volotea,
  • Vueling,
  • Wizz Air

Notice: Lisbon Airport Terminal 2 is closed between 00:30 am and 3:30 am.

Getting to Terminal 2

Navigating to Terminal 2 from Lisbon and its surrounding areas is straightforward, with multiple transport options available to suit every traveler’s needs.

By Public Transport: The Lisbon Metro is one of the most convenient ways to reach Terminal 2. Passengers can take the Red Line to the Aeroporto Station, which is located near Terminal 1. From there, a free shuttle bus connects to Terminal 2, operating at regular intervals throughout the day.

By Car: Terminal 2 is easily accessible by car via the Second Circular Road, a major expressway encircling Lisbon. There are clear signs directing drivers to the airport and Terminal 2. Parking is available directly in front of Terminal 2, offering both short-term and long-term options.

By Taxi or Ride-Sharing Services: Taxis and ride-sharing services provide direct access to Terminal 2. This option is ideal for those looking for a hassle-free journey to the airport, with drop-off points conveniently located outside the terminal entrance.

For travelers moving between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, a complimentary shuttle service is available, ensuring a seamless connection for passengers with connecting flights or those needing to access different parts of the airport. This service is particularly beneficial, given that walking between the terminals is not typically recommended due to the distance and the airport’s layout.

Getting between Terminal 1 and 2

Thankfully, the airport makes it very easy to travel between both terminals, so after a passenger using a Terminal 2 airline has made it through customs in Terminal 1, they can take a three-minute free shuttle bus to get to Terminal 2. Buses arrive roughly every 10 minutes to pick up passengers and the service operates starting at 3.30am and it ends the next day at 1.30am.

For passengers needing to transfer between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at Lisbon Airport, the process is designed to be as smooth as possible:

Shuttle Service: A free shuttle bus connects Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, ensuring that passengers can easily move between the two buildings. The shuttle operates frequently, with departures every few minutes during peak times, and the journey takes approximately 10 minutes depending on traffic conditions within the airport complex.

Shuttle Pick-up Points: From Terminal 1, passengers can find the shuttle pick-up point outside the arrivals hall. In Terminal 2, the shuttle pick-up is clearly marked outside the main entrance.

Operational Hours: The shuttle service operates from early morning until late at night, aligning with flight schedules to accommodate all passengers. It’s advisable to check the latest schedule upon arrival or departure for any changes.

Services on offer at Terminal 2

Given the limited number of flights that operate in and out of Terminal 2, the number of services and other amenities on offer are far more restricted than in Terminal 1:

  • ATMs
  • Currency exchange facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Information kiosk
  • Limited food, drink, and retail options
  • Scales to weigh luggage

Despite its focus on serving low-cost airlines, Terminal 2 of Lisbon Airport does not skimp on the facilities necessary for a comfortable travel experience.

Here’s what passengers can expect:

  • Check-in and Ticketing Services: Terminal 2 offers a streamlined check-in area with multiple counters to accommodate the needs of all passengers flying with budget carriers. Self-service kiosks are also available for those looking to expedite their check-in process.
  • Baggage Services: A compact yet efficient baggage claim area ensures quick retrieval of luggage. Passengers should note that luggage services, including wrapping and storage, are available but may be limited compared to Terminal 1.
  • Shops and Dining: A selection of retail and dining options is available in Terminal 2, catering to last-minute shopping needs and a variety of taste preferences. From souvenirs to snacks and sit-down meals, there are choices to suit all budgets and preferences.
  • Additional Amenities: Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the terminal, allowing passengers to stay connected. Information desks and assistance services are also on hand to help with any travel queries or issues.

What you’ll find on Terminal 2’s single level

Unlike the two-level Terminal 1, Terminal 2 only has one level and therefore is much smaller. The area open to the public is on the left side of the terminal and includes the airline ticketing and check-in desks, as well as access to the security screening and flight gates.

Transfer to Terminal 1 for the Metro into Lisbon city center

If you are flying into Lisbon Airport for a vacation and you want to take the Metro train into the city center to your accommodation, you cannot board the train at Terminal 2. Instead, you should use the complementary shuttle bus that will take you to Terminal 1. Once you arrive at Terminal 1 you should simply follow the signs that will direct you to the Metro station.

Early ArrivalAim to arrive at least 2 hours before your flight for check-in and security. Terminal 2 is efficient, but extra time ensures a stress-free process.
Check TerminalDouble-check your departing terminal since Lisbon Airport operates flights from both Terminals 1 and 2.
Shuttle UseUtilize the free shuttle service for transfers between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. It's fast and runs frequently.
Dining Before AirportConsider dining in Lisbon city if you have time. While Terminal 2 offers food options, the city offers a wider variety at potentially better prices.
Download the Airport AppThe official Lisbon Airport app provides real-time flight information, terminal maps, and more, helping you navigate the airport seamlessly.
Carry EssentialsKeep travel documents, a water bottle (to fill after security), and snacks handy, especially during peak travel times.

Lisbon Terminal 2 FAQ

Passengers can reach Lisbon Terminal 2 by metro, arriving at the Aeroporto Station (Terminal 1) and then taking the free shuttle bus to Terminal 2. Alternatively, direct access by car, taxi, or ride-sharing services is available, with Terminal 2 having its own designated drop-off and parking areas.

The best way to transfer between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 is to use the free shuttle bus service provided by the airport. The shuttle has frequent departures, ensuring a quick and convenient transfer for all passengers.

Terminal 2 is the smaller of Lisbon Airport’s two terminals and is used by the budget airlines Eurowings, Norwegian, Ryanair, Transavia, Volotea, Vueling and Wizz Air.

No, the terminal is closed each day from 30 minutes after midnight until 3.30am.

The easiest option is to wait for the complementary shuttle bus that will take you between the two terminals, and a bus typically arrives to pick up passengers every 10 minutes.

No, there is no public car parking available at Terminal 2. Instead, you will need to park your car using one of the options at Terminal 1 and then take the free shuttle bus to Terminal 2.

Yes, there are several different choices for getting something to eat and drink in the terminal.

Terminal 2 provides help for any travelers that have disability or other mobility issues, including the use of wheelchairs and helping with taking your bags to the gate.

Yes, you can find a number of shops selling various products within the terminal.

You can look for signs in the airport terminal that will direct you toward a first aid section where you can get medical support, and this includes an on-site pharmacy.

No, all flights that come to Lisbon Airport land at Terminal 1, where you will go through the passport control and be able to then retrieve any luggage that you may have checked.

The terminal was opened in 2007 and was initially intended as the hub for flights just within Portugal but then it expanded to budget airlines serving other countries in 2015.

No, there is no dedicated space for such work in Terminal 2.

For a direct trip to Terminal 2 from Lisbon you can use a rental car, taxi or take a bus. But if you want to ride the Metro subway system then it will drop you off at the Terminal 1 subway station and then you will have to take the free shuttle bus to continue on to Terminal 2.