Lisbon Airport Sim Card

Learn About Buying A SIM Card For Your Phone At Lisbon Airport (LIS)

Lisbon Airport Sim Card

Traveling to Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon is always a great idea because you can enjoy sun, fun activities, outstanding food and drink, unique shopping experiences and plenty of historic sightseeing. Many people on vacation want to stay in touch with their friends, family and even work back home, but they find that using their own cellphone would be far too expensive.

That’s why getting a prepaid SIM card for your smartphone or other device can be a wise idea for the duration of your holiday in Lisbon. This will allow you to still be connected to everyone using your phone but without the risk of having a huge bill to pay when you get home.

And the good news is that SIM cards are available to buy as soon as you land in Portugal, so you can take care of this task right away and then simply relax and enjoy your vacation.

If you’re coming here on vacation then you will probably be doing on by flying to Humberto Delgado Airport, also simply known as Lisbon Airport, located not too far from the city center. And there are options available for purchasing a SIM card once you have landed.

You will first need to get through the passport and security control after your flight, but then either before or after retrieving your luggage you can go about getting your SIM card.

Once you have purchased your SIM card you will simply need to follow the specific instructions from the brand that you use – and at the airport, you can choose between Lycamobile or Vodafone – and then within minutes you should be connected and online.

You can then use this card throughout your vacation, with calls, web browsing and more being charged to the prepaid amount on the SIM card. If you are running low on data then you can simply pay to add more to your SIM card, and if you go over your limit you will pay for that extra usage. But the costs will still be much lower than using a phone from your home country.

Where to buy a SIM card within the Lisbon airport

Because all flights that are coming to Lisbon Airport land in Terminal 1, this is where you’ll look for stores where you can purchase your SIM card, and there are four options.

Vodafone Stores

The first place is a Vodafone store that is close to the luggage retrieval area, specifically baggage carousel 9, and this is open from 7am until 1pm each day.

The second is also a Vodafone store and you can find this in the main arrivals part of Terminal 1, but not that you can only buy Vodafone brand SIM cards at either of these stores.

Vodafone Stores info

Vodafone Lisbon Airport
Vodafone Store at Lisbon Airport

Before Security

  • Location: Terminal 1 – Arrivals
  • Hours: 07h00 – 23h00

Before Security

  • Location: Terminal 1 – Departures
  • Hours: 08h00 – 17h00

After Security

  • Location: Terminal 1 – Baggage
  • Hours: 06h00 – 21h00

Phone: +351 808 919 191

Money Exchange kiosks

Your third choice for finding a SIM Card is looking for the Money Exchange kiosk that you can locate near to baggage carousel 8. And the fourth option is another Money Exchange kiosk that is near the information center for tourists in Terminal 1’s arrivals section. At either of these two locations you will be able to buy the Lycamobile SIM card.

The cost of buying a SIM card at Lisbon Airport

Before deciding whether to buy a Lycamobile or Vodafone SIM card once you’re at Lisbon Airport, you should assess the costs and how much data they offer. There’s no sense in spending more money for a SIM card if you only plan on using it very rarely.

Think about the tasks that you will need your phone for during your trip, as you won’t need as much data if you just want to make a handful of calls throughout the vacation, but you will want more data if you plan on using the internet a lot of making many calls during your trip.

Lycamobile SIM card: The only choice for this type of SIM card is getting a physical prepaid card because e-SIM cards are not available with this company. These cards also cannot provide support for 5G networks because they can only support LTE/4G networks. But they are the cheaper option, at just €10 for 25 GB of data and 1,000 minutes of calls over 30 days.

Vodafone SIM card: You can choose from either an e-SIM card or a conventional physical prepaid SIM card, and they are ready for use on 5G networks. The cost €25 for 500 minutes of calls and 10 GB of data for 30 days, or €35 for unlimited data and calls for a total of 30 days.