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Lisbon Airport Taxi
Lisbon Airport Taxi

Lisbon Airport Taxi

All The Information You’ll Need About Lisbon Airport (LPPT) Taxis

Humberto Delgado Airport, more commonly known as simply Lisbon Airport or by its International Civil Aviation Organization code of LPPT, is a primary transportation option for visitors around the world coming to enjoy some time in Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon. The city is growing every year in popularity as a tourist destination thanks to its fantastic mix of food and drink options, cultural sites such as religious and historic landmarks and museums, and more.

Thankfully, Lisbon Airport provides excellent transportation options to the center of the city and also for the return journey back to the airport once your vacation is over. Options include taking the subway system known as Metro, taking a bus ride, hiring a rental car, buying a ticket for a shuttle bus, boarding an overground train into the city, or paying for a taxi ride.

One of the best ways to get between the two destinations is to use taxi services at the airport, which are readily available and can be an affordable and speedy choice when compared to other options. Keep reading for more details on using a taxi from Lisbon Airport when planning your trip, so that you can have a smooth journey to your destination after landing.

Important information about using taxis at Lisbon Airport

Once you have landed at the airport, cleared security and collected your bags, it’s easy to into the city or wherever else you might be headed nearby. Simply look for the signs directing you to the designated taxi pickup zones which are located outside the arrival and departure areas.

There are typically many taxis available at Lisbon Airport and you should only have to wait a few minutes before you’re able to get a ride. However, note that the availability of taxis might be reduced during the very early and late hours of the day when passenger demand is lower.

The airport is very close the city at a distance of just 7.8 miles or 12.5 kilometers, so your total fare will likely be affordable regardless of where you’re going in or near Lisbon. A typical fare from the airport to the city is roughly between €15 and €25, including applicable luggage fees.

An average journey from Lisbon Airport into the city center should take about 15 minutes, although the time it takes might be longer if you’re driving in rush hour or another busy part of the day. In contrast, you could get to your destination in less than 15 minutes if you are driving at a very quiet time of day and depending on exactly where you are staying in Lisbon.

Be sure to ask your driver to turn their meter on at the start of the journey so you can track the cost of your ride and avoid any potential for the driver to ask for more money than the true fare.

Overview of Taxi Services at Lisbon Airport

Lisbon Airport offers several taxi options tailored to different needs and preferences, ensuring that every traveler finds a suitable solution upon arrival. The taxi ranks are conveniently located just outside the terminal buildings, both at arrivals and departures. These are clearly marked, making them easy to find as you exit the baggage claim area.

Types of Taxi Services

  • Standard Taxis: The most common type, these taxis are usually part of a city-regulated fleet and are metered. They can accommodate up to four passengers, making them ideal for individuals or small groups.
  • Executive Taxis: For a more luxurious experience, executive taxis offer premium cars. These are typically more expensive than standard taxis but provide a higher level of comfort and service.
  • Taxi Apps: In addition to traditional taxi services, various apps like Uber and Bolt operate in Lisbon, allowing passengers to book rides directly from their smartphones. These services often offer competitive pricing and the convenience of cashless transactions.

Lisbon Airport Taxi Stands Location

Upon exiting the baggage claim area, follow the signs to the taxi ranks located outside the arrivals terminal. There are dedicated areas for both standard and executive taxis. Taxi dispatchers are often available to help you choose the appropriate service based on your destination and budget, ensuring a smooth start to your visit.

Lisbon Airport Taxi Tips

Here are a few tips to help make your Lisbon airport taxi experience smoother:

  • While taxi drivers in the queue outside of the arrival and baggage claim level have gotten a bad reputation over the years, there are still good drivers out there. However, some passengers recommend hiring a taxi from upstairs in the Lisbon airport, outside of the departures area.
  • It’s wise to learn a few words in Portuguese like hello, thank you, hotel, and how much. This can make you appear friendly, approachable, and more aware of what is happening to drivers.
  • Know your route. Sometimes taxi drivers will purposefully take the longest route for a higher fare. Always ask your taxi driver for the fastest route and if possible, pull up your phone’s GPS system to follow along to make sure they’re in fact sticking to that route.

How to Hire a Taxi at Lisbon Airport

Hiring a taxi at Lisbon Airport is a straightforward process, designed to accommodate even first-time visitors to the city with ease. Here’s a detailed guide on how to secure a taxi from the airport to your destination:

  • Exit the Baggage Claim Area: Once you collect your luggage, follow the signs leading to the taxi stands. These signs are clearly marked and can be found at both the arrivals and departures areas of the airport.
  • Locate the Taxi Ranks: The taxi ranks are situated just outside the arrivals terminal. Lisbon Airport features separate queues for different types of taxis—standard, executive, and occasionally larger vehicles for groups or families.
  • Choose Your Taxi: If available, speak with a taxi dispatcher who can assist you in choosing the right type of taxi based on your destination and preference. Dispatchers can also provide information on estimated costs and wait times.
  • Board the Taxi: Once you choose your taxi, the driver should assist you with your luggage and guide you to the car. Before departing, ensure that the taxi meter is reset to the base fare to avoid any discrepancies in billing.
  • Confirm Your Destination: As you settle in, confirm your destination with the driver to ensure there are no misunderstandings, and ask for an estimated time of arrival.

By following these steps, you can expect a smooth transition from the airport to your next stop in Lisbon.

Taxi Pricing Information

Taxi fares in Lisbon are regulated and are based on a combination of a base fare and a distance or time charge. Here’s how taxi fares are typically structured:

  • Base Fare: This is the initial charge as soon as you begin your journey. As of the latest update, the base fare during the day is approximately €3.25.
  • Kilometer Charge: After the base fare, the charge per kilometer during daytime hours is around €0.47.
  • Airport Supplement: Taxis from the airport include an additional €1.60 surcharge.

Example Fare Calculation:

Suppose you are traveling from Lisbon Airport to a central location in Lisbon, such as Praça do Comércio, which is approximately 7 kilometers from the airport. Here’s how the fare would be calculated:

  • Base Fare: €3.25
  • Distance Fare: (7 km x €0.47 per km): €3.29
  • Airport Surcharge: €1.60
  • Total Estimated Fare: €3.25 + €3.29 + €1.60 = €8.14

Keep in mind that fares can vary based on traffic conditions, time of day (nighttime fares are higher), and specific routes taken. It’s always a good idea to ask the driver for an estimated fare before starting your journey, and make sure the meter is visible and running. Additionally, most taxis accept major credit cards, but confirming payment method with the driver beforehand can avoid any issues at your destination.

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(Popular destinations by Taxi from Lisbon Airport average charge – all included)

TAXI From The Airport to: DAY TIME
(05:00 – 24:00)
(00:00 – 05:00)
Estimated Duration
Ericeira 49 € 53 € 28 min
Cascais 43 € 43 € 29 min
Bairro alto 22 € 24 € 19 min
Alfama 22 € 24 € 16 min
Costa da caparica 30 € 33 € 22 min
Praia del rey 107 € 170 € 57 min
Estoril 38 € 41 € 21 min
Fatima 138 € 222 € 1 hr 5 min
Sintra taxi 33 € 36 € 25 min
Albufeira 286 € 464 € 2 hr 11 min

Lisbon Airport Taxi Safety Tips & Scams To Avoid

Travelers are increasingly looking to Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city, as an ideal destination because of its clear waters, warm weather, great beaches, and wonderful attractions including museums, historical sites, great food and drink options, shopping and more. One of the easiest ways to get to Lisbon is flying into the local airport which has many international connections.

There are many great travel options for getting from the airport to center of Lisbon, a journey that covers about 7.8 miles (roughly 12.5 kilometers) and should only take you 15 minutes — but note that this travel time could be shorter at quiet times of the day and longer when you’re traveling at rush hour. The fare for the ride into the city is affordable, ranging from €15 up to about €25, and even better is the fact that fare this includes all possible fees for luggage.

However, as with many situations in life there are unfortunately some scams and tricks that bad faith taxi drivers might try to use in order to get more money out of you. The guide below offers some quick tips to help you protect both your wallet and your safety so that you can safely take a taxi from the airport into the city and start to enjoy your vacation in and around Lisbon.

  • Always ask the driver for the expected fare before you get in the taxi

One of the easiest ways that drivers take advantage of tourists is charging them an exorbitant fare for the short ride from the airport into the city center, because drivers expect passengers will have no clue about how much the ride should cost. If a driver either refuses to tell you the fare or says it will be more than €25 do not ride with them.

  • Print out the name and address of your accommodation and a route to get there

Before you even board your flight to Lisbon you should print out the name and address of the hotel or other accommodation where you are staying in the city, along with a printout out a map and step-by-step route to get there. Be sure to alert the driver that you have this information, because this could prevent them from trying to take you on an unnecessarily long route that would rack up the cost on the meter unfairly.

  • Don’t be alarmed by any fast driving, it’s typical in and around the city

You might naturally be concerned once you are in the taxi from the airport to Lisbon if your driver starts speeding or quickly changing lanes in the busy traffic on the route, but if you observe the other cars, you will notice that this is fairly common behavior, and you are not at any major risk. And for your added peace of mind, taxis in Lisbon that service the airport are frequently inspected to ensure they are in roadworthy condition.

  • Don’t fall for any taxi driver that tells you tipping in required by law

There are absolutely no rules, laws or other policies mandating that tourists must tip taxi drivers who take them from the airport into the center of Lisbon. Challenge any driver who claims that you are required to give them a tip, but for all other drivers you should consider tipping them for a safe journey and they certainly appreciate this.

  • Only accept rides from taxis that are waiting in designated areas at the airport

When you’re at the airport with your luggage, you might be approached by someone claiming to be able to give you a cheap ride into the city. You should decline their offer, because many of these drivers are not official and might not even be insured. Instead, you should look for the signs at the airport directing you to the official taxi waiting area and hail one of the riders there, because they are legitimate and will certainly be insured.

  • Ask upfront for all the fees for you ride, and keep a close eye on the meter

Be sure to ask your driver before you start your journey to tell you exactly how much you will have to pay in fees, and also how much the meter will charge per mile. Use this information so that you can calculate the expected fare as the ride is happening, which will help you to challenge the driver if they say the total cost is much higher.

Lisbon Airport Taxi


To avoid the never-ending taxi queues at the airport we suggest you to pre-book your taxi transfer.

Lisbon Airport Taxi FAQ

Taxis from Lisbon Airport to the city are not based on a set rate. They operate on a meter basis, charging by distance, and so the final rate will vary depending on your destination in Lisbon

A. Typically you can expect to pay between €15 and €25 for most taxi rides into Lisbon, although this amount might increase depending on how away your accommodation is located

About 15 minutes, but it might take more or less time depending on the time of day. You can expect a potentially longer commute if you are traveling into the city during rush hour

Not always, so you should not count on your driver being able to communicate with you. Instead, it’s best to have a printout of your destination in Lisbon, possibly with your preferred route laid out. This can help you to avoid a situation in which you are taken on an unnecessarily long journey so that the overall fare is higher than it needs to be for the ride

It’s very easy to locate the taxi pickup location, simply follow the signs at the airport for taxis and you will find areas where you can get a ride in front of the departure and arrival areas

Yes, Uber and other ridesharing services are allowed to service the airport and you can order these through whatever ridesharing app you use on your smartphone. However, it’s important to know that such services cannot pick up passengers in front of the airport arrivals area. Instead, they are only to pick up passengers outside the airport’s departures area

Yes, Lisbon Airport taxi drivers will charge you fees based on how much luggage you need to transport. And they will also make you pay fees if you have to transport a pet with you. Before you start your journey in a taxi, ask the driver how much these fees will be so that they give you a specific amount and do not try to charge you more at the end of the ride

Licensed Lisbon Airport taxis are cream-colored or have another distinct color depending on the company, and display a taxi sign on the roof. They should also have a meter and a license plate visible inside.

Try to resolve the issue directly with the driver if possible. If you cannot resolve it, note the driver’s identification and taxi license number, and report the incident to the airport taxi service or local authorities.

Yes, pre-booking services are available through various Lisbon Airport taxi companies and apps like Uber or Bolt, which allow you to schedule a ride in advance.

Yes, Lisbon Airport taxis are available 24/7 at Lisbon Airport, ensuring that transportation is always an option regardless of your arrival time.

Contact the taxi company directly if you have a receipt or remember the taxi’s details. You can also report lost items to the airport’s lost and found service.

Most Lisbon Airport taxis do accept credit cards, but it's advisable to confirm with the driver before starting your journey if you plan to pay by card.

The journey typically takes about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions and the exact location of your destination in Lisbon.

Yes, special taxis equipped to handle various disabilities are available. It is advisable to request these services in advance or speak with a taxi dispatcher upon arrival.