Smoking at Lisbon Airport

Important Information About Smoking Areas At Lisbon Airport (LIS)

Lisbon Airport Smoking Area

Whether your flight to Portugal has just arrived at Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado Airport to start your vacation, or whether you’re getting ready to fly home after a trip here, travelers who like to smoke will want to know their options for doing so when they’re at the airport.

Lisbon Airport has two terminals and there are some areas in both buildings where you will be able to have a cigarette, cigar or similar. But make sure that you only smoke in these officially designated with signs saying, “zona du fumadores” (smoking area). Smoking in any other part of either airport terminal is strictly prohibited and, if caught, you may face a serious fine.

Be aware that some of the smoking sections can be quite a long distance by foot from the security and passport control areas of either terminal, so if you or any of your travel companions have mobility issues then ask an airport staffer to help get you to the smoking area.

Smoking areas in Terminal 1

Because Terminal 1 is very large and handles the vast majority of flights in and out of the airport, the layout is quite spread out and you may need to ask a representative from the airport to guide you toward the smoking sections – or you can follow the signs in the terminal to them.

One designated smoking area is between Gate 19 and Gate 21, and this has the additional benefit of being in close walking distance to the main shopping area of the terminal.

Another Terminal 1 smoking section can be found at Gate 47, which can be quite a long walk for many people who are flying out from gates with much lower numbers. And the smoking area by Gate 47 is also exclusively for using vapes and other e-cigarettes, rather than cigarettes, pipes or cigars. Note also that this particularly smoking room is closed daily after 8pm.

Smoking in Terminal 1’s ANA Lounge

Another option for smokers in Terminal 1 is paying access to the ANA Lounge, which provides a range of bonuses for travelers including free food and drink, and that includes alcoholic beverages, comfy furniture, televisions, free Wi-Fi, showers and a designated smoking area.

The lounge is open daily from 6am until 10pm and you can pay on the day for access to it, which will cost €36. The maximum amount of time that you can stay in the lounge is three hours.

Smoking areas in Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is the smaller of the two terminals at Lisbon and is primarily for budget airlines, with not as many shops, restaurants and other services as you will find in Terminal 1.

There is a designated room for smoking within Terminal 1 and it can be difficult to locate, so look for signs directing you toward the room, which is situated near to the passport and security control section, or you can ask a member of airport staff to give you directions to it.

Smoking Areas At Lisbon Airport (LIS) FAQ

Smoking outside of designated sections could result in you being charged with a fine.

Yes, although Terminal 1 is larger and so has more smoking options than Terminal 1.

The locations in either building where you are permitted to smoke will have signs outside reading “zona du fumadores,” which means smoking area. There will be directions in both terminals to these areas, or you can have an airport representative guide you to them.

You can find one designated smoking section between Gate 19 and Gate 21, and there is another permitted smoking area outside of Gate 47 – but note that the smoking section at Gate 47 is only for electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, such as vapes.

The smoking section by Gate 19 and Gate 21 can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but the e-cigarette area by Gate 48 closes each day at 8pm

You could pay for same-day access to the ANA Lounge, which offers a specific area for smoking, complementary drink and food options, including alcoholic beverages, televisions, free Wi-Fi, comfier chairs than the standard gate furniture, and showers to use for a fee.

It should cost you €36 to pay for entry to the lounge, and this gives you three hours inside, and you can use the smoking area inside the lounge as often as you would like.

The ANA Lounge is open from 6am to 10pm each, with smoking allowed during that time, but the lounge is closed outside of those hours so you can’t access the smoking area then.

Immediately after you clear the security and passport control area, you should be able to see the smoking section in the terminal, but if not then just ask an airport staff member for help.

Yes, because the smoking sections in Terminal 1 in particular can be quite a long walk, if you have any mobility or related problems then wheelchairs are available for you to use.