Uber in Lisbon

What You Should Know About Using Uber For Getting Around Lisbon

Uber in Lisbon

There’s so much to see and do in Lisbon – from one-of-a-kind shops to vital museums, and from sightseeing landmarks to stellar dining and drinking choices – that you’ll probably need a car at some point to get around the city. But hiring a vehicle for your vacation can be costly and stressful, and taxis can sometimes be quite expensive, so you should consider Uber.

Uber is a well-known international company that in many countries provides a range of ridesharing services to help get people from one destination to another. On holiday, Uber can be perfect for short or long drivers from your hotel to tourist spots and much more.

Whether you are just arriving to Lisbon at the nearby Humberto Delgado Airport, or if you are already in the city, the good news is that Uber is available throughout the region.

All you need to do to get a ride through this service is to have the Uber app on your smartphone or other device and register an amount with them using your phone number, email address and some other personal information. Then open the app and type in your destination, and Uber will give you a projected fare for the journey as well as giving you a potential arrival time.

Taxis are also available throughout Lisbon and you will often find that the fares are similar between the two, although the exact price will always depend on where you’re heading.

But Uber does have some additional advantages over a taxi including that you can take care of everything through the app without having to speak any Portuguese, you will know the fare before you even start your journey, and you will be given projected pickup and drop-off times.

Where can I find Uber for a pickup in Lisbon?

Although taxis in Lisbon often tend to gather at tourist sites, near hotels and other locations, you don’t need to worry about being in a specific part of the city to get picked up by Uber, as their cars will come to you. Instead, you simply enter the address where you are currently located and then the app will tell you how long it will take for a driver to reach that destination.

But if you have just landed at Lisbon Airport for the start of your vacation in Portugal, the process is slightly different because Uber has a designated pickup area here.

Once you have disembarked your flight and gone through passport control and collected your suitcases, which will all be in Lisbon Airport Terminal 1, you should open the Uber app on your phone and type in the destination of your hotel or wherever else you are heading to in or around Lisbon. The app will then tell you how many minutes you have to wait before you will be picked up.

While you are waiting, looking for the signs pointing you toward the terminal’s departure area and head to the car park known as “Kiss and Fly” – if you are struggling to locate this section of the terminal then simply find an airport staff member and ask them to give you directions. The Kiss and Fly car park is outside so you will need to leave the terminal to get there.

Once at this location you just have to wait until your Uber driver arrives, and they should call or message you once they are there. The app will also give you information about the type of car they are driving along with their license plate number to make it easier for you to find them.

Uber in Lisbon FAQ

While you might save a few Euros with choosing Uber over a taxi, the difference is not huge.

Although the prices of a taxi and Uber can be somewhat comparable, Uber offers extra benefits including pre-determined fares, pickup and arrival times, and more.

Uber does provide an option to add a tip for your ride through the app, and it’s suggested that about 10 percent of the fare is considered a decent tip for a safe and efficient journey.